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Viscous Character ref by Ty1122
Viscous Character ref
Name: Viscous
Age: 3 Earth years old
Gender: Bisexual, prefers to be called a she
Species: Slimeling
Height: 3 feet, 4 inches when compressed. 15 feet 3 inches when uncompressed.
Weight: varies between 340 pounds and 2 tons
Occupation: Unemployed

Abilities: Viscous has several abilities as a slimeling, one of them is being able to stick to almost any surface and travel on them without much trouble, and fit through tight spaces. She is also able to spread slime in 3 ways: one of them is to move around without concentrating on not making a mess, the other way is to spray jets of it out of her arms, lastly she can spread it around by flinging herself, every second shes focusing on building up pressure adds 10 feet to her altitude and distance to her trajectory, speeds vary between 100-190 mph also one thing to note is once she takes off she can't change her course mid flight. Once her slime is spread she can use it to her advantage, by swimming in her own slime her speed doubles from 40 to 80 mph, and gives her better maneuverability,also her eyes alone can swim in the slime separated far apart , however she can't attack while swimming. Most other organisms will find it hard to navigate through the slime, they slip and slide uncontrollably on slime within a 10 foot radius of Viscous while the rest of the slime that is beyond 10 feet becomes sticky and makes it very hard to move. The slippery Slime is very hard to clean or wipe away while the sticky slime can be peeled and teared quite easily, however both variants can be evaporated away. The last ability is something that goes back to before she became sentient and developed her sticky slime skin, she can rip her skin off allowing her slime to expand and be come a large blob of slime this is her uncompressed form. In this form she moves a lot slower, but is able to absorb, suck, and digest anything that gets too close, her slime is basically quicksand that out to get you. For example say if a human were absorbed the first 5 minutes its limbs are completely digested then in the last 5 minutes the rest of it is gone and dead that is if the human didn't die from drowning first.

Strengths: Viscous can be very stubborn and independent which makes her very hard to manipulate and will stand by her opinions even if you have a reasonable opinion or answer it will take at least 2 or 3 times before she starts to catch on. Can be very smart in urgent situations. She can be very fast, travel far distances easily, and is fairly strong in her compressed form. When she sprays enough of an area with her slime she gains speed, becomes harder to kill, and limited control over her opponents, and is able to gain more strength when needed.

Weakness: She is very stubborn and will sometimes not listen to reason, not only that shes actually not that bright she has the intelligence similar to a 7 year old child, and can be too independent for her own good and rarely asks for help. Some of her largest weaknesses include high or low temperatures: she can be frozen and be forced to hibernate, or melt, evaporate, and boil under high temperatures. However her largest
weakness is that if her eyes / seeds are completely destroyed she dies and cannot recover and they are close to her surface.

Personality: Viscous is very energetic and literally finds it a bit hard to sit still, she is also very stubborn, independent, always a bit childish, curious and playful. Her instincts also allow her to think quickly when she is in trouble.

Biography: Slimelings have been around for a very long time and were always very happy jetting from planet to planet to graze on various plant life, and hunting other species. Soon more intelligent life appeared and evolved. They discovered the slimelings and studied at first the slimelings did not mind but then one day an alien took a sample of their slime and found out that it was great at cleaning things, it could fit through tight spaces, it was sticky enough to pickup any stain, and shortly after application it would scrape, and tear right off without breaking anything which made it good for cleaning surfaces and cleansing the body so they started to farm the slimelings for their slime and sold it to the universal market, however the price of feeding the slimelings soon went higher than the profits made by selling the slime so they cut the amount of food they fed to them. The slimelings soon became restless and would always try to break free but would fail most of the time, they thought they would starve to death when really because they were very dim-witted they didn't realize they were part plant, they could survive on little sunlight and moisture alone but they were always moving and trying to break out. Then 2 adult slimelings decided they couldn't let their young slimeling to live in the farm any longer and sent her far away to be free and hopefully be able to survive. The young slimeling landed on Earth and was already quite large and it was starting to eat away at the plant life. Humans being typical humans attacked the slimeling thinking it was out to destroy the Earth's plants. The slimeling became furious and started to attack the cities, and somehow a group of humans managed to stop the slimeling and the human army attacks and was able to find the true intentions of the slime. The humans named the slimeling Viscous and educated her about science, reading, writing, math, art, and human languages, as Viscous was educated she was also a lot calmer and actually discovered her ability to create food through photosynthesis from there she was able to continually expand in size. The humans however told Viscous that it might be a good idea to stay relatively small so viscous made her own skin to keep her a constant size and shaped it so she would look relatively humanoid instead of just being a big blob. 3 years later Viscous decides to head back into space in search of a new planet to start a new race of intelligent slimelings.

Other: Origins of the Slimelings are still a mystery
Friends by Ty1122
Edit: so for some reason this picture had the wrong description so I have re-written it and should be correct now.

I decided to give Anna some friends because well she is supposed to be charismatic after all.
The boy on the left is Mike, hes one of the school jocks that participates in most of the sports and out of the three he is the most mature..most of the time, and the girl on the left is Maria, she is an aspiring artist who isn't much of a conversationalist in-fact she doesn't even speak most of the time when shes communicating she uses tends to use facial expressions, hand gestures, or her phone to text and only talks when she needs to, she is also the most feminine of the 3  


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